10th April 2019

Do you ever read the user manual? NLP is a user manual for your brain

When you buy a new car or gadget do you ever read the instructions or user manual? Perhaps you may read it when you can’t get something to work or maybe you find a way around it and make do.

Recently, I bought a new car (a red SEAT Arona) and it has a fancy touch screen user panel and more knobs and buttons on the steering column than I could possibly use, I’m sure. It came with a few freebies and a user manual which I put, very carefully, in the glove compartment without reading it!

Interestingly, I have not yet worked out how to switch on the back windscreen wiper without being in reverse gear and I have not yet worked out how to turn off the sat nav volume whilst keeping the radio on. I’m sure I could find out if I read the user manual but so far, I am working around the problems in a less than effective way but I know that at some point I will have to find out how to do these things properly because it is starting to annoy me.

And I wonder how many of you do that too? And I wonder how many of you go through life working around problems in an ineffective way and will either continue that way or only sort the problem properly when it reaches a crisis point.

Because your brain is like the fancy touch screen user panel with all the knobs and buttons and most of the time it serves us well and other times we come across a problem where it doesn’t work so well; when we cannot seem to find out how to just turn on the back windscreen wiper or how to disconnect the noise from the sat nav when listening to the radio.

For my car, the manual is in the glove compartment ready to read (when I get around to it!) or I could check out on the internet because all SEAT Aronas are the same. When it comes to you and your brain though it is not so simple because your brain will be programmed in a unique and individual way so how you can you understand it better?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is like a user manual for your brain. It can help you understand how your brain is wired and the programmes that you run.

Neuro – the link between the brain and the nervous system
Linguistic – the language we use, both verbal and non verbal, and how it affects relationships with others and ourselves
Programming – the wiring we have created based on our experiences of life

The NLP approach is to use this understand how to use our neurology and language to programme ourselves to achieve the success we want.

Once you become aware of your programming, you can use your neurology and language to reprogramme yourself to achieve the success you want. Like a user manual for your car you know how to fix it when its broken, service it regularly to keep it running smoothly and fine tune it to give it some va va voom when needed.

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