8 August, 2021

Win YOUR Gold Medal. Discover how with the Power of YOUR Mind! 

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Win YOUR Gold Medal. Discover how with the Power of YOUR Mind! 

Have you been watching the Olympics?

I’ve really enjoyed Tokyo 2020 (or 2021); I always feel very emotional when I watch the athletes compete and succeed and when they don’t. They have all invested so much time, energy and emotion into reaching the Olympic Games where they compete for a medal and sometimes that competition only lasts for a few seconds!

I particularly enjoyed watching GB win 2 golds in the Modern Pentathlon. I admire all athletes who are specialists in their field and I admire even more those who have developed such diverse skills that are needed to compete in this event.

As part of the Modern Pentathlon, the competitors draw lots for the horse they ride in the show jumping. I watched some manage well and then I saw the German competitor, Annika Schleu, struggle to control her distressed horse and end up in tears.

In NLP when I teach about achieving goals or outcomes, I use the example of a horse and rider. The rider is like the conscious mind and the horse like the unconscious mind.

The rider sets the direction and knows the course and it is the horse that knows when to take off, how high to jump and how tight to take the corners.

In a similar way, the conscious mind sets the goal and it is the unconscious that will create the right actions and habits to find the ways to achieve it. If we do not engage the unconscious part of the mind, then this is when we struggle as it becomes a white-knuckle ride to maintain the disciplines, or we procrastinate and sometimes give up!

Like the show jumping if the horse and rider are not aligned it can end in tears and NLP teaches us how to ensure they work in unison, that is when the magic happens and achieving goals becomes easy!

Are your conscious and unconscious mind working in unison? 

As Your Catalyst for Change, I can help you to find your direction and I can help you maintain your motivation to achieve it and “win YOUR Gold Medal”.

If you want further help to find direction, balance and fulfilment in all areas of your life then as Your Catalyst For Change I can help you.

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