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24 August, 2021

What doubts are holding you back? These 4 questions will help you move forwards.

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What doubts are holding you back? These 4 questions will help you move forwards.

A couple of weeks ago I hurt my back. I’ve had some minor problems before, but this was different; I could not get rid of the muscle spasms and could not get comfortable sitting or standing. It was frustrating and miserable!

I had been to see the Osteopath and had seen a marked improvement but still not right. On my second visit on the Friday, I told him that I had to make a few decisions – it was our golf club championships on the Sunday and a county match of 36 holes the following Thursday.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I give it a go? Or should I rest? What if I made myself worse on the Sunday and could not play on the Thursday? What if I didn’t play and then played on Thursday and took one shot and then had to concede my match? What if I did some permanent damage?

He manipulated me (again!) and send “I think you should be fine for Sunday! And if you are not, you will know it early on” I was shocked, pleased and still a little worried.

I realised that I was waiting for his permission; his medical opinion yes but also his permission to say it was OK to give it a go.

And I realised that this is often how my clients think; they are often waiting for that permission before they take a step forward and go through all the negatives in their mind of what could go wrong. This could be not just from an osteopath, but also for example:

• from a boss before going for a promotion
• from a friend before setting up your own business
• from a partner before investing in yourself (time and money!)

If this is you, ask yourself these 4 questions:
1. What permission am I waiting for?
2. From whom am I waiting for that permission?
3. What would happen if I gave myself that permission?
4. What would happen if I don’t?

Notice when you answer those questions.  How much more confidence does it give you?

As Your Catalyst for Change, I can help you overcome your doubts, find your direction and build your confidence to take that step forwards.

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I’m Tracy and I’m more than just a coach, I’m Your Catalyst for Change!

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