29th August 2019

The secret of having it all is believing you already do. What do you believe?

As a young child, I used to believe in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas because that meant I would get a gift under my pillow when I lost a tooth and presents at Christmas. I no longer believe in those things and I am sure you are similar. Yet, some of the other beliefs we build as young children stay with us into adulthood and even though there is evidence to the contrary, we continue to hold that belief.

This month, I have been working with a client on their limiting belief of “I’m not good enough”. This is a common area that I see regularly and it amazes me every time that in helping my clients it can help me too. This time, I had a significant breakthrough in my own thinking.

As soon as my client had gone, I started drawing a mind map of the thoughts I had been having and the result was a revelation.

I used to believe that I had a fear of failure. The impact was it held me back from taking the steps to advertise my business, to put myself out there and promote how I could help others in their personal or professional life.

Suddenly though it became so clear that I did not have a fear of failure, I had a fear of success! It turned everything upside down for me and everything just seemed to fall into place.

Through my younger years, there were a few negative incidents that had happened to me as a result of achieving some success. If you have heard my talk about “How I became World Champion” you will know about when I fell on the stage when collecting an award.

This was not the only time where this happened and my lightbulb moment helped me to understand that I had connected that success led to humiliation and so I chose to believe that success was not a good thing!

How come I didn’t realise this before? Now that I understand this and understand where it has come from, I realise that the evidence I had for that belief was rubbish and I am able to reset or reframe that belief now.

How? Well the evidence is overwhelming that “I am already successful”.

• I am celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary this year
• I have brought up 2 boys who have developed into confident young men who are making their own way in the world and I am very proud of them.
• I shaped a career which gave me financial security
• I have now built my own business that I love and I help others be the best they can be.

And in my book that means “I am already successful!”

I wonder what belief may be holding you back. What do you want to look at differently? Are you ready to program your mind for success?

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