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16th December 2019

Have you had your dose of Vitamin G today?

Christmas is just around the corner and, yes, I have taken my dose of Vitamin G today!

Two months ago I was not expecting my mum to be sitting at our table enjoying her Christmas dinner – from being very poorly she has made an amazing recovery and will be engaging in and enjoying the festivities like the rest of us; and for that I am very Grateful.

Christmas can often be a time when we focus on presents, food and drink and I would recommend that you also spend some time thinking about what you are grateful for:-

• If your in-laws give you that unwelcomed gift, consider how grateful you are for meeting your partner.
• If you missed out on the last mince pie, be grateful that you have a table full of food to choose from.
• If the kids are overdosed on sugar and being too noisy, be grateful that they are fit and healthy.

There are scientifically proven benefits that being grateful can enhance your mental wellbeing as you focus on the good things in your life rather than the things that you don’t have or the things that you want; it can improve your self-esteem, your confidence and your sleep!

You could do this by keeping a gratitude journal or you could decide to simply take a quiet moment to silently acknowledge those good things in your life. 

Give it a go over this festive period take a dose of Vitamin G and notice how much better it makes you feel. And then you could decide to continue into 2020 and it will not be long before you appreciate how much giving thanks can change your life.

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