1st January, 2021

4 steps to making New Year's Resolutions you WILL keep!

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How can you achieve your goals?   The same way I built my patio! 

Are you making a New Year’s Resolution?

Do you think you should? Or do you shy away from them?

New Years Resolution as a phrase has bad connotations for me – it implies failure. How many of us decide to put in place a New Year Resolution only to let it slip often before the 12 Days of Christmas are up.

I therefore don’t consider New Year’s Resolutions. I will consider what outcome I want to achieve instead.

And here are the steps I go through:

1) Write down your outcome. When you write it down, it helps to crystallise the idea in your mind.

2) Ask yourself “How is that important to me?” If it is not meaningful or important to you, you wont achieve it! Write the answer down.

3) Then reflect on the answer for the previous question and ask yourself “How is that important to me?” Again, write the answer down.

4) Repeat step 3 several times until you reach the answer that you know is the driver; it may well give you goosebumps! This is when you have reached the unconscious reason or desire and therefore you are far more likely to achieve it.

For example…

You may say “I want to give up wine”. And the answer of how it is important may be “So that I feel and sleep better”

And how is that important to you? “Because then, I will have more energy”

And how is that important to you? “Because then I will be more inclined to spend quality time with my children”

And how is that important to you? “Because then I can be the good mum I want to be”

Now we have got down to the benefit of giving up wine which is a really positive benefit rather than the detriment of “giving up wine”.

That means the conscious idea of giving up wine is linked to the unconscious desire of being a good mum and you are therefore much more likely to achieve it!


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Happy New Year!

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