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1st January 2020

2020 Goals – 5 tips to get 2020 vision on what you really want!

Lens to 2020 Goals – 5 tips to get 2020 vision on what you really want!

2020 Goals – 5 tips to get 2020 vision on what you really want!

After Christmas there are always a lot of adverts about holidays. And whilst watching one the other day it got me thinking about how holidays are like setting life goals.

When you decide to go on holiday, you think about what you want from that holiday. You may want:
• Sun, sea and sand and to relax
• Adventure and exhilaration
• Excursions to see the country and its wildlife
• Culture to learn and appreciate another way of life

And if you don’t decide what kind of holiday you want and just followed other people you could find yourself, seeing architecture rather than wildlife, hearing rowdy students rather than enjoying the peaceful outdoors or feeling relaxation when you wanted exhilaration.
You should follow the same principles when considering your life goals otherwise you will end up following and supporting others achieve their goals.

This year consider these tips to help you create 2020 vision for 2020 goals.

1. Decide on what you want. Rather than thinking about what you don’t want ensure you focus on what you want to achieve. You wouldn’t say I don’t want an adventure holiday; you would say I want a beach holiday.

2. Consider how you will know when you’ve achieved it. You may:-
a. See the blue sea and golden sands
b. Hear the waves on the beach and the children squealing with delight as they jump over them
c. Feel the warmth of the sun on your body and the sand between your toes

3. What will happen when you have achieved it? You may feel relaxed and recharged and ready to achieve some other goals.

4. Why is it important to you? What will achieving this do for you? Being clear about the why gives you clarity and sometimes other alternatives of how to achieve what you really want. This could be spending time with the family and doing what you all enjoy and to make some happy memories for you and the rest of the family.

5. What will your first step be? All goals need action, no matter how small. Perhaps, the first step for the holiday would be to pick up a travel brochure to help you decide what you want.

If you want to achieve your goals next year, the first step is to get 2020 vision on what you really want. If you want help with this, please contact me for a free consultation to find out how I can help.

I’m Tracy and I’m more than just a coach, I’m Your Catalyst for Change!

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