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31st January 2020

Start the Year on the Right Foot!

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Start The Year on the Right Foot!

We are reaching the end of January and I wonder are those New Year Resolutions you made still going strong? Did you start the year on the right foot and found that those goals have now fallen by the wayside? Or are you one of the small percentage of people that are maintaining their new habits?
In January, I ran a goal setting workshop at JP Morgan for their “Women on the Move” network. It was quite ironic really that it was entitled “Start the Year on the Right Foot” and the week before I sprained my left ankle meaning I had to start the year on the right foot only. It gave the many ladies who attended a good laugh anyway!

It has been a difficult few months for me; my mum has been in very poorly health and I have found it a very difficult time particularly as I am the main carer. It is at times like this when things can get really overwhelming.

As I look back now at what was making me feel like that, I realised it was because I couldn’t control it – I had to be reactive to each day as it arrived and I much prefer to have my plans and ideas and a clear approach to my day. I mean my job was as a highly skilled and successful project manager!

I realised that I was becoming frustrated, angry, annoyed, overwhelmed but actually none of that helped my situation or my mum.
And so I asked myself “What would I say if I was one of my clients” and I followed this principle.


I decided to focus on the things that mattered – my mum and her being as comfortable as possible AND the things I could control – creating time and space for her, creating a comfortable environment for her and leaving any of my stresses at home when I visit.

After injuring my ankle I could have gone back into a stage of overwhelm but the things that mattered and the things I could control remained the same and so my focus continued. In some ways the injury has given me more time and space for my mum because the commitments of tennis or golf are not possible – I just have to be a bit more flexible about how I travel and whan I can get a lift to see her!

I know that time is limited and that the end is inevitable and that brings its own emotions and difficulties. With this approach I know that I am doing the best I can with the resources I have available to me and more importantly, I am being more present when I am with my mum which gives me the chance to enjoy the time we have together.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider what matters to you and what you can control and then ensure your focus is channelled in the right way. 

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