22nd July 2019

What does success mean to you? Find the key to your success

Summer holidays are often a time to reflect on achievements and think about starting afresh which may be because of the academic calendar. What will you be doing and enjoying over the summer holidays? Having a barbecue with friends? Relaxing on a sandy beach? Day trips with the family?

Perhaps use some of the summer to holiday to consider your achievements, where you are going in your life and whether you are on the right course. Ask yourself these 3 questions and write down the answers:-

1) What does success mean to me?
2) How will I know when I’ve achieved it? What will I see, hear and feel?
3) In what way is it important to me?

About 12 years ago, I asked myself similar questions and it opened up a whole new way of thinking.

I realised that the real successes for me related more to my personal life than my professional life.

Success was about being a good mum and supporting my 2 boys to turn into personable, self-assured young men; done!

It meant still having a good relationship with my husband, Martyn, once the boys had grown up; we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year.

It involved enjoying my sport in my leisure time; I am enjoying my tennis and golf more now than ever before.

Interestingly, my Finance job and status did not come into it. Although at that time this was an area I spent a lot of time, energy and effort striving to achieve and deliver because I had thought that a “good” job and status were part of that success.

Having asked myself those questions, I also carried out an exercise to understand my passions and interests. Each time I found a newspaper article or magazine that spiked my interest (this was before smart phones!) or an object caught my eye I would take the lid off a box, put the item or cutting in the box and then put the lid back on.

After 3 or 4 months, I opened the box and sorted the items into different categories. There were a few random things and the 3 categories I found were:-

1) Education
2) Psychology
3) Sport

It is no surprise therefore that I have now trained in NLP and as a coach helping me understand the psychology of ourselves and others. It is no surprise I now have changed my career and that I am educating others through my coaching and NLP training. And it is no surprise that I continue to participate in and watch high quality sporting competitions.

My work environment is very different and the camaraderie and banter I used to have from my work team has been replaced with my golfing buddies – the Chix with Stix – and I am enjoyig using my NLP skills to help others improve their mind-set in sport and, in particular, on the golf course.

Of course, it has not happened overnight but

• gaining the CLARITY of what is important to me,
• building my CAPABILTY through my personal development training,
• these have given me the CONFIDENCE to forge my new successful career.

And when I see one of my clients or delegates have that light bulb moment of realisation or understanding, then I know what success in my work means to me!

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Thank you!

Tracy, Your Catalyst for Change

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