31st July, 2020

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

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Change is inevitable. Growth is optional 

How have you coped with lockdown?

Many of the people I talk to have found it challenging in some ways and therapeutic in others as they have been able to spend more time with their family and less time commuting.
And now we are moving back towards “normal” as we return to work, we can go to the pub and even go on holiday. Yet we know from the recent announcements that we must quarantine when returning from Spain and now Luxemburg and local area lockdowns that we are a long way from the old normal and that every day is subject to change very quickly.

The frustration and anger that people show is often as a result of feeling that they are not in control and it is true they are not in control of the government decisions but you can always be in control of your state; your emotional state.

In NLP one of the key principles is about how we manage our state because we can choose how we interpret what is happening and how we let it affect us. In NLP we call it Cause and Effect.


As you go about your day today and something untoward happens notice are you at Effect – giving reasons, excuses or laying blame at others’ doors or at Cause by taking control of your state and saying “I can’t change what is happening around me and so I will change how I respond to it”.

It is your choice how you react or respond and when you make the right choice it can feel liberating, energising and empowering.

These are the steps I have taken recently to avoid being affected by circumstances outside of my control and to be at Cause:-
1. I turn off the news as soon as I find myself answering back
2. I do something I enjoy every day whether a game of golf or tennis, reading a book or a catch up with friends
3. If I am feeling off colour, instead of wallowing in it, I ask “And how do I want to feel instead?” Just recognising that I want to feel calm, excited or focussed helps to move towards that state.

What steps do you take to deal with circumstances outside of your control?

If you want to take control over your state or your life and make positive changes that will help you grow, contact me to find out how my coaching and training can help you find your brighter future.

I help you gain CLARITY on what’s important, build CAPABILITY to overcome the challenges on the way and increase CONFIDENCE to take the steps to just do it!

I’m Tracy and I’m more than just a coach, I’m Your Catalyst for Change!

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