5 April, 2021

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
Do you want to break your 4 minute mile?

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“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” – Want to break your 4 minute mile?

How many of us don’t follow our dreams because we doubt our abilities to do it or because of a fear of failure? Yet if we don’t try, how will we know?
As soon as you doubt yourself and your abilities, the battle is lost and those negative thoughts mean that your dreams will always be out of reach.

  Also, the more you procrastinate, the more problems you envisage which just increase the feeling of doubt.
When you follow your dreams, what is the worst that can happen? Look at all the amazing people who have done things that they were told were impossible.

I always think of Sir Roger Bannister who broke the 4 minute mile barrier. Many people had tried and not come close to the 4 minute target and people doubted that it could ever be done! None of them were considered to be failing. Even Sir Roger missed the target several times and almost gave up athletics after a perceived poor performance at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. However, on 6 May 1954, Sir Roger completed the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds and the record lasted just 46 days – was this because all doubt about being able to break 4 minutes had been removed?

We all have resources available to us and we may not know how good or strong those resources are. Call on the help and guidance of others where relevant and tell people what you are trying to do and you are more likely to stick to it. Often it is only when we come up against a problem or challenge that we realise what resources are within us already and maybe did not realise because we had not tapped into them before. If you believe you will achieve.

Besides, what is failure? There is no such thing as failure, only an experience to help you to learn and to do it better next time. Such feedback makes you stronger and can make you even more motivated to achieve your goals in the future. I suggest you eliminate the word failure from your vocabulary and reframe it as feedback!

So, how about you? Is your doubt taking over? 

Is your fear of failure preventing you from taking steps to fulfil your dreams? 

Or maybe you are not sure what step to take next. As Your Catalyst for Change, I can help you to overcome those feelings of doubt, I can help you find your direction and I can help you follow your dreams and “break your 4 minute mile”.

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