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5 April, 2021

5 Benefits of NLP

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5 Benefits of NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps us to understand the way that we organise our thoughts, feelings, language and behaviours in our mind. Once we understand it, then we can apply NLP techniques to re-programme our way of thinking and determine our own path in life.

Here we look at 5 benefits of NLP and how they could change your life:

1. Unlearn behaviours that do not serve you
Over the years we have all learnt behaviours that were either instinctive or perhaps to protect ourselves. If these habits no longer constructively serve you or are holding you back from achieving the life you want, then it’s time to use NLP to discard that way of thinking.

For example, when someone gives you a compliment about your outfit, do you say thank you, or do you mumble, “oh, this old thing?”

It could be that you’ve learnt that behaviour. Instead of accepting the compliment, you are concerned that they would think you’re arrogant if you agree, or perhaps you don’t believe in the compliment they are giving.

NLP will not only teach you to unlearn that habit, but also give you the confidence to believe in that compliment.

Other behaviours that could be damaging would include smoking. Looking at the root cause – do you smoke when stressed, socially, or at certain times in the day – and unpicking the reasons for that will be the start of unlearning your behaviour.

2. Improve your self confidence
As we have mentioned above, NLP can be used to boost your self confidence. By understanding what is really holding you back from feeling confident and successful, then an NLP coach can give you the right tools to reclaim that feeling.

One thing an NLP coach will teach you is how to take a time in your life when you felt confident and ask you to call upon that memory whenever you need a confidence boost. Reminding yourself that you can, and have, been successful is one of the many techniques that a coach will talk you through.

3. Enhance your communication skills
Once you have learnt how the mind works and why we think and react in certain ways, then you will be able to understand the people around you even better. You will be able to see why they have reacted to something and be able to resolve that situation in a calm and efficient manner through effective communication.

Enhancing your communication skills can help in both your personal and work life. If you’re in a management position, or looking to take a step into management, then this can be incredibly useful. To understand how your team are thinking and feeling will enable you to empathise and create a good working environment.

4. Give you clarity on your life goals
You may feel that you’ve lost your way with what you want from life. NLP can give you the clarity you are seeking and empower you to achieve those goals.

By going back to your core values and how you envision your lifestyle, techniques can then be put in place to get you there. Seeing yourself in your dream lifestyle regularly, and believing it is achievable, is the starting point to transforming your motivation and inspiring you to go for what you truly want.

5. Take control of your inner state
If you regularly feel stressed and overwhelmed, then NLP techniques will benefit you. The tools you learn through NLP will help you to take control of that inner state and turn it into a positive outlook.

Simple techniques such as dissociation can be very useful in stressful times. Imagining that you are away from the situation, looking down on it, rather than looking through your own eyes can put distance between you and the problem.

Something as easy as looking upwards during a difficult moment can be beneficial. There are many techniques that can be taught by an NLP Practitioner to help with various inner states of turmoil.

As a previous delegate commented "Consider what it would feel like to be able to manage your emotional state, get the most out of every interaction and use language that positively impacts you and around the people around you. That’s NLP!"

 This in turn allows you to achieve your priorities, find more balance in your life and follow your passions and achieve fulfilment.

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