21st October, 2020

How can you achieve your goals? The same way I built my patio!

table on patio in garden  - achieve goals


How can you achieve your goals?   The same way I built my patio! 

Over the last few weeks, we have been having some work done in our garden; a bit of landscaping and laying a new patio.
The guys doing the work are really good but after a while my friends were asking me whether it was finished and I realised that the job was taking longer than I expected and that every time I looked out of the kitchen window I noticed what a mess it was out there.

I started thinking that the whole process we were going through with the patio was very similar to the process I go through with my clients: -

1) It starts with wanting change – our garden was looking a little tired and old fashioned

2) You imagine how it will be in the future – we were considering the new slabs, the additional shaping around the garden, the plants and having barbecues with friends.

3) At some point you must take a leap of faith – start digging up the current garden

4) Prepare and deal with the expected challenges – we knew that the rain would slow the process down to lay the slabs and we have loads of rain recently!

5) We must tap into different resources overcome the unexpected challenges – some of the materials were suddenly in short supply so the team used their contacts to source in a different way

6) Recognise your progress – looking beyond the cement mixer in the eye line and noticing how good the work is so far and thinking how it will be when it is finished.

7) Celebrate achievements – the barbecue is ready and waiting!

If you are going through some challenges in achieving your goals, remember to follow the three Ps:

1) PERSEVERANCE – as you remember why this is important to you

2) PATIENCE – to get through the mess and overcome the challenges that come your way

3) PERSISTENCE – to step out of that comfort zone and find the resources within you to carry you through.


If you would like some help to achieve your goals or to build your 3Ps, contact me to find out how I can help you.

Or perhaps you are not sure what your goals are I can guide you through the confusion and help you gain the vision.

I help you gain CLARITY on what’s important, build CAPABILITY to overcome the challenges on the way and increase CONFIDENCE to take the steps to just do it!

I’m Tracy and I’m more than just a coach, I’m Your Catalyst for Change!

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