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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. 

Do you want to boost the morale and energy level of your employees?
Do you want to motivate your staff as you embark on a transformation programme?
Do you have a key message to convey at your next conference or team event?

Together we can inspire and motivate your team!

Whether you are driving change, wanting to improve the performance of your teams or seeking a new way to engage your employees then choose me as your Motivational Speaker. 

I am an engaging and passionate motivational speaker and a change expert helping you and your team face and overcome the challenges of change.  

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- let me be your catalyst for change

Through my personal stories I will inspire your teams to gain personal insight, open their minds to the opportunities of change and why change can be hard and how to make it easy!

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider an external speaker for your next company event:

• Changing Perspectives
Through story telling, employees will gain a different perspective to find opportunities and solutions. A different perspective can turn things on its head or enable you to see the wood for the trees.

• Inspiration and Motivation
Stories about overcoming challenges or seizing opportunities can help create belief in your team and their abilities. It ca also bring some fun back into the workplace.

• An investment in your team
Investing in your team demonstrates you care about them and their personal development; these are the most valued requirements that employees have of their leaders.

• The impact lasts longer than the talk itself
The personal stories will remain with the attendees longer than in the conference centre; resulting in a long term benefit and therefore a good return on investment of both money and time.

• A different voice
Listening to somebody new with their personal insight creates a different environment and understanding. If you have a message to convey, I can help you achieve it; I am Your Catalyst for Change.

Click here to find out how to improve your public speaking or learn how to create your own inspirational keynote speech.

If you are looking for an engaging speaker to inspire, motivate and empower your team, call me today on 07443 634722, or email me here and let’s meet for an initial consultation. Let me be your catalyst for change.

Call me today on 07443 634722 or to email me click here

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