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Coaching Testimonials

Testimonials for 100% Confidence

“I got the job! Thanks to your assistance and tips, the presentation and following interview went well and I know I was in a much better position to sell myself courtesy of my time with you. I was well prepared and confident and thanks so much for all your help. It make a tremendous difference and I will be back in touch once I am settled in as I would like to do a bit more work with you.”  Amanda de Margary

“Tracy gave me the confidence I needed to apply for the job I wanted and I got it!. I wouldn't and couldn't have done it without her. What an amazing, warm and talented person. I would recommend Tracy to everyone!
.” Sarina Sargeant

“Thank you for your help. It was a real pleasure to meet and talk to you. Yesterday during my night shift I could already feel that our meeting helped me a lot with general confidence. I will continue to practice the anchor technique and breathing as well. Thank you very much for all that you do and for being so amazing.”
Dominika Dankowska

Testimonials for "Step Into YOUR Future"

“When I first met Tracy I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities at work and home. I felt "lost" and did not know how to address all my issues.
Tracy, gave me helpful tools to navigate through my struggles and help me see things more clearly. Our discussions made me understand much deeper underlying problems that I needed to address and as we worked together I unconsciously processed my thoughts to make things more bearable for me at work and at home, without feeling overwhelmed or guilty or disappointed. Tracy helps you find what works for you!
” Florence Ayissi

“When I first met Tracy it felt like the end of the world. Everything was out of my control, my confidence was very low and I felt a mess. The challenge was that I did not know what I wanted from my career but I feel I have options now and that the decision is within my control. I now have much more confidence and enthusaism for life generally. I have clarity that I do not need to make a decision now and I am far more aware of the triggers that can send me into a negative spiral and therefore mindful that if I slip I can reassess. If you feel out of control, don't delay, ask for help, deal with it!.
” Julie K

“When I first met Tracy my confidence was at an all time low after being the victim of what I now know to be workplace bullying. She made me realise that finishing a job you loved and had done for many years required me to go through a grieving process. In a very short time Tracy helped me to go from feeling that I was incapable of performing even the most mundane tasks to having the confidence to attend job interviews. Such was her success in this that I have now started a new job that a couple of months ago I believed was beyond me.”
Carol H

Testimonials for "Business Start Up - From Red to Green"

“Thanks again for the past few weeks, you’ve unleashed some truly insightful wisdom. Got loads of ideas for next year which I’m feeling excited about. 
You’re a fantastic coach Tracy who is intentional, impactful and highly credible. Your ability to command an audience while showing humility is second to none.
” Matt P

“I gained clarity on what was important to me and which of my goals need to come first and foremost in order for everything else to fall into place
” GJ

“I know what I am meant to do now. I feel so excited about the future. Like Christmas Eve pee your pants excited!" Sam B

Testimonials for "Leadership Coaching for Excellence"

“When I first met Tracy, I had been working at an executive level successfully for many years but in recent times the normal professional stresses were making me question how I was coping and dealing with those pressures and this impaced my confidence in my ability. I have really enjoyed being able to get things off my chest and I have noticed that since working with Tracy, I am much calmer. Also, I have new ways of getting my point across to my peers and now feel that I am listened to and heard! I enjoy our sessions and always leave having gained a new perspective.” EM

“Thank you so so much Tracy. After our coaching, I am so much more aware of what I am portraying to others. This enables me to stay calmer during disagreements and I am more confident at challenging others and not accepting what they say. I enjoyed meeting face to face and the exercises you set during and in between meetings. You were super positive and were able to help me reset when I felt I had taken two steps forward and one back and I now have tips and techniques to help me view things differently.” Julie M

“Tracy is an emphatic coach. I like that she offers me a safe haven where I am not judged. When I have a challenge at work and share it with people, I very often receive advice about what to do. Tracy asks me questions that help me find the answers I need. Most of the time I know what to do before I even ask others and I really like how Tracy gives me the time and space to establish I had the answers deep inside all along!!" Irma de Kruijf

Training Testimonials

Testimonials for "NLP Discovery Day"

“I've learnt more in the last hour and a half than I have in the last 5 years!”  Sarah Scannella

“When I attended your NLP discovery day my goal was to become a qualified Coach Education Tutor. In December I applied for the course starting in January. The application included producing video evidence, CV, a written task and references. A few weeks later I found out I was successful and was given 1 of the 12 places on the course, out of 55 candidates who applied.  5 months of hard work and some stress I qualified in May!   The techniques and positive reframing I learned through the discovery day really helped me achieve this. Thank you!” Emily Wharton

“I was unsure what the day would involve but it exceeded my expectations. I leant useful tools I could use myself which can be implemented time and time again in multiple situations" Danielle G

Testimonials for "NLP Practitioner Training"

“Whatever your initial objective is for attending an NLP course with Tracy – be prepared for it to change! Change is definitely on the agenda: NLP will change you, it will change your view of yourself and others and your view of the world around you. Through 6 days of my NLP Practitioner course I have laughed, cried, made lifelong friends and constantly been in awe of the amazing people around me. I feel that I have the tools and resources to be the better me I wanted to be. My initial objective to learn how to best help others learn and grow is still there and it is going to be so much easier now I understand myself."  Julie Neal

“In a word “life-changing.” This course has been a real eye-opener. It has revealed things that I didn’t know were holding me back. It has given me clarity and understanding about my goals and aspirations highlighting what is important to me. Understanding language and how we use it has given me tools that I can take away and use in all aspects of my life – personal and business. I cannot wait to utilise these tools with friends, family and in my business. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life or want to help others. I wonder what it could do for you.” Kerry Wheeler

“I wanted to shape my future and take the first steps to unleashing my full potential. I have learned more than I ever expected from Tracy and it has opened many a window of opportunity and I can’t thank her enough." Jess Kitchen

Testimonials for "Leadership and Management Workshops"

“A fantastic prompt to raise the impact of Non Verbal communications to the forefront of my mind.  It was a good opportunity to reflect on why some interactions are more difficult than others and think about ways to adjust our own behaviour to alter outcomes.  The most valuable aspect for me was raising my awareness of the way our bodies non-verbally interact which is something I would not normally consider or spend time thinking about. The instructor made an effort to make us feel comfortable and at ease; you immediately connected with her and the practical exercises were spot on just before appraisal time." 
Women on the Move - JP Morgan

"It got us thinking about wider factors in giving feedback, not just how to deliver it. I liked reframing feedback and offering new tools to consider how to engage with this. I particularly liked thinking about my feedback style and how this may not be delivering feedback in the way that my team member is looking for at the time. Tracy provided relevant details from her history in finance that we could all relate to and we could talk through specific examples which was really helpful. Final activity was very well thought out and clearly demonstrated the learning objective. Clearly spoken and presented. Easy to understand and relate to specific situationss within my team." Curtis Banks

“Tracy's delivery was very engaging and calm and very thought-provoking. I will definitely be utilising what I have learned in both my own expereinces and how I coach my managers. Great session about how to put theories into action.  Really makes you stretch your thinking about your approach - it has left me with lots to think about. Tracy was a positive coach, delivered well, the content was great and she created a relaxed atmosphere.  Really informative presentation which can be put into practice in all areas of your life" Pure Resourcing - HR Development Forum

Testimonials for "Bespoke Team Workshops"

“Ipswich Hockey Club Women’s 1st team would like to thank Tracy for running an NLP workshop on communication, cohesion & confidence.
Having had some challenging results recently, we were hoping to be shown some techniques to make us feel more aware of others and improve the mental side of our game. Tracy came across fantastically well and their positive outlook uplifted the girls within the first 5 minutes. The exercises we did were relevant, challenging and also thought-provoking which is what we hoped for. The results were plain to see throughout the workshop.  NLP is absolutely relevant to the sporting arena and we look forward to taking these techniques learnt into the rest of the season.”
  Ali Barham for Ipswich Seven HC W1s

“A quick note to thank you so much with your support with xx today. I know she is really appreciative of the time you have spent with her over the past sessions. 
In addition, thank you so much for all your support with careers over the last academic year – a new venture for both of us which I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have.”
Alison Baker - One SIxth Form College

“Thank you so much for your time, energy, expertise and ideas. We simply couldn’t have run this event without you. I personally feel inspired by what I heard and leave with a new energy to try, not to fear failure, to be brave and to trust that little voice inside that says ‘I can do it!" Jess Richardson East of England CoOp

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