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What is NLP?

All performance is state dependent!

Or in other words, everything we do is impacted by the quality of our thoughts and our emotional state.

NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It can be described in many ways, but very simply it is:
• Neuro – the study of the mind and nervous system, how our thoughts and body are one system
• Linguistic – how the language and communications we use, both verbal and non-verbal influence our thoughts and shape our lives
• Programming – the patterns and programmes we have adopted through our life experiences that are ingrained in our unconscious which in turn create our current reality

Or sometimes it is called a user manual for the brain because the more we can increase our awareness of our thinking, the more we can influence our results.  Find out more about how NLP creates lasting change in my blog here

We already use NLP in our day to day life without realising it. Learning about NLP gives you the framework to use it in a structured way to achieve your outcomes.
NLP is the wand that ignites the magic within you.

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What if you invested in your own personal development?

Developing your knowledge of NLP and investing in your skills and capabilities will increase your influence and your life choices.

This investment in yourself will also improve your self awareness, enhance your professional career and your future quality of life.  

And you will go through an amazing personal transformational experience!

My Training will bring you...

1. Clarity
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Clarity and self awareness of how you think and how this may be helping or hindering you.

2. Capability
NLP Suffolk

Capability as you learn new and simple tools and techniques to use in your personal and professional life.

3. Confidence
NLP Ipswich

Confidence to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

...to Become Champion of YOUR World!

 Have you achieved everything you want? Or do you wonder how life could be different?

• Have you ever wondered why there are some people that you get on with and some you just can’t seem to see eye to eye with?
• Have you ever wondered why there are some situations that you deal with OK and others that you can’t let go?
• Do you wonder why you look at things differently to others?
• Would you like to be more effective at influencing and motivating others?
• Do you wish you could communicate better and tailor your message so that it is heard?
• Do you find yourself in two minds often and waste energy dealing with those conflicting thoughts?
• Are there things in life that you wish you could do but the fear holds you back from taking action?
• Are there times when you do not achieve your goals and would like more consistent results?
• Do you recognise patterns repeating in your life? In relationships, in your career or business & would like to change those patterns once and for all?
• Are you feeling stuck in a rut or on a hamster wheel just getting by day to day and know there is something else?
• Do you feel you are spinning plates and not doing any of it very well?

If you find you answer yes, then ask yourself these questions:

• How would it be to ditch those negative emotions and dial into your passion?
• How would it be to communicate with ease and influence to achieve a win win every time?
• What if you could help your children build their confidence and self-esteem. How would it impact their future?
• How would it be if you had the confidence to take the actions that you know will lead you to a more fulfilled life?
• What if you could make that one change…how would your life be different then?

For more information about the benefits of NLP click through to my blog here

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Pillars of NLP:

Pillars of NLP

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process which gives you a helping hand.  It is a process which uses proven tools and models to help you to explore and find your own solutions. It tends to focus on the future and always provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which to do this.

As your coach I will listen to you, understand your motivations and recognise what is preventing you from achieving what you want. Using the relevant tools and techniques I will then support you to determine your future path and inspire, motivate and empower you to follow that path.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is where a client is guided into an alternate state of awareness or consciousness where the senses are heightened. Hypnotherapy is the clinical form of hypnosis and can be used in isolation or with the NLP techniques to unlock the creativity of the unconscious mind in a way that you may never have thought possible. The process of going into trance is completely safe and with a clear outcome I can guide you towards your own solutions.

Which Tools will be used?

By using a variety of Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy tools and techniques, I am able to help you to unlock your full potential and make lasting change.  

You already have the resources within you but perhaps they have not been unlocked because you have mislaid the key!

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